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Recipe Conversion

Escoffier Online's Chef Thomas presents on recipe conversion and kitchen math. To learn more about our programs please visit

Universal Converter App review

This is a review of the free app: Universal converter free: Converts all units of measurement This converter is an application designed to efficiently convert units ...

Pocket Recipe App With CMS - Android (Phonegap / Cordova) Contact: Pocket Recipe App With CMS ...

Kitchen Calculator PRO - iPhone App

Kitchen Calculator PRO is your kitchens best friend. It makes it easy to convert and scale recipes by handling all the complex fraction math for you. Get the app: ...

Book Apps - Android - How To Create Book Apps

Book Apps - Android - How To Create Book Apps - ...

Universal Unit Converter free - Android App on Google Play

Universal Unit Converter - Android App on Google Play Download Here :

Putting the Hema Maps Apps to the test ► All 4 Adventure TV

Jase explains the Hema navigation apps and maps they use when out in remote locations.

Conversions for Cooking for iPad

Download iPad app "If you use your iPad in the kitchen and frequently need to make conversions, we'd recommend this app.

Cooking Measures Conversion Tool for iPhone & Android Demo

Handwriting in Evernote for Android Add handwriting to your notes in Evernote for Android. It's perfect for meetings and lectures.

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