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Recipe Convert Pro

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Recipe unit conversion calculator: Convert volume & weight measurements in recipes. Makes scaling servings yields up or down easy for cooks, bakers, & chefs at home or the restaurantKEY FEATURES:* Values can be entered and displayed as either fractions or decimals
* Makes the coveted "grams to cups" conversion, as well as other weight/volume conversions, based on user-selectable weight factor parameter: includes common 180 quick-searchable ingredients with factors already figured.
* Quick switch between converting units of measure to scaling yields (changing how many servings a recipe makes)
* Also serves as a general reference of cooking units
Pro includes features not available in the free version. By all means download and test drive the free version first!
TO DO:+ Add ability to "favorite" ingredient weights for faster reference+ Add feature to show the measure of accuracy for converted units when displayed as fractions to aid in choosing the closest+ Add feature to allow displaying conversions as mixed units (ie: "1 cup + 2 tsp")